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The Ultimate Guide for a Self Healing Yoga Practice


***Yoga Alliance Approved Course = 1.5 CEUs

What you'll learn:

  • 1.5 HOURS worth of education covering wrists, shoulders, neck, thorax, low back, hips/pelvis, & core mobility
  • The TRUTH about MOBILITY and how to improve it
  • How to combine Yoga and Physical Therapy concepts to RESTORE YEARS of lost motion
  • Most COMMON INJURIES found in a Yoga Practice
  • How to PREVENT INJURY by applying research based functional anatomy

Course Layout:

  • WELCOME: The Truth About Mobility
  • DAY ONE: Wrists
  • DAY TWO: Shoulders
  • DAY THREE: Neck
  • DAY FOUR: Thorax
  • DAY FIVE: Low Back
  • DAY SIX: Hips/Pelvis
  • DAY SEVEN: Core

What participants are saying:

"Oh my god, Dava, you are the god sent!...that is probably why my nerves are blocked and I can not heal my shoulders & get rid of migraines no matter which treatment I follow since I did not know what am I doing bad! I thought it is only because of my scoliosis and weakness but this information nailed it. THANK YOU!"

"I love it! I've actually been having wrist pain to the point of avoiding poses, but this is teaching me it's about activating and integrating throughout the hands, wrists and forearms to alleviate the overload. So great!"

"Thank you for the lesson, for the exercise and challenge poses. For anyone taking the class for the first time, you are in very good hands! Dr. Dava is one of the best teachers out there. Namaste!"

"As a fellow PT and yogi (currently in YTT) this was phenom for my personal practice. R hip issues have caused compensations through all 5+ years of my yoga practice with excessive lumbar motion leading to a tight QL and lat making my shoulder involved and internally rotated. I'm going to keep practicing this. Thank you!!"

"LOVE LOVE LOVED them both!!!! I got instant relief in my T-spine from the mobilization exercise! And the child's pose rotation felt like it really isolated my T-spine. I'm using these all the time!"

"This whole series so far has been amazing!"

"Loved this entire series so much. So much information given in short information sessions. It was informative and useful and can easily be integrated into a yoga practice. I am usually not a fan of online learning, but your sessions were clear and concise."

"I have loved this challenge...I am grateful that you put this together. I have already started incorporating aspects of the challenge into my classes. I really love the method and perspective of science and physical therapy fusing with yoga. It is a perspective for which I have been searching and I am so glad I found your Instagram page."

"I am one grateful participant of this awesome course I’m proud to say, This is one of the very best yoga challenges that I participated. The discussion from Dr. Dava were precise and clear..I love the fact of the method of combining Yoga and Physical Therapy! The real deal is here! Like what I’ve been sharing with family and friends that HEALTH is WEALTH"

"Thank you for all of this. This was my first time following you and your mobility challenge and I loved it. I will absolutely be taking all of this into my personal yoga practice and to my patients with PT practice. I hope to come to some retreat/training with you!!"

"Dava, Thank you so much for the wealth of information you have given us in this Yoga Mobility Challenge Series. You have definitely added life to my years and years to my life and forever grateful to you, everyday.♥ With much love, grace, gratitude and appreciation"